Fitness Training & Massages

During the entire week of the birthday festivities, guests will have the opportunity to receive a massage or join in a morning fitness program.

From Monday, 6 July, through Friday, 10 July, Danny Brose will offer a morning fitness training of one hour at one of the central houses, for up to four people. He will also offer up to four massages a day from Monday through Saturday, for those of you who would like a professional opinion on something or would just like to be pampered. You can use this form to sign up for your massage and/or fitness training. As the events schedule becomes updated, the exact time for each massage will be set.

Danny is one of my closest friends; we have known each other for over a decade. As his biggest fan, I’ve traveled throughout Germany with him from regional finals to the Gay Games to cheer him and his basketball team on. He was also my personal physical therapist and masseuse while I struggled with an old injury. He was born and raised in Stuttgart, Germany with roots from Tennessee. His qualifications include occupational and physical therapy, acupressure, and personal fitness.┬áHis website, which is only in German (but there’s Google translate!), can tell you more about his work.